You’ve never been talked about art like that

URBAN is the contemporary counterpart of ARTS MAGAZINE, it was born as a special issue, then acquired such notoriety among the gallery community that it has become a magazine in its own right.

Difficult to classify since its inception, Urban Art has now acquired a major place in the recent history of contemporary creation. Universal, no other movement has ever been so comprehensive and innovative. Imagined by journalists at ARTS MAGAZINE connoisseurs of the art world, URBAN ARTS has set itself the task of responding to the growing interest of lovers and collectors of Urban Art, by drawing a sharp portrait of contemporary creation on an international scale.

The desire of URBAN ARTS is to offer a magazine of “exhibitions”, meetings, exchanges, inspirations … relaying the messages, analyzes, points of view … of the actors of urban art ( artists, gallery owners, experts, professionals), both French and international, highlighting all trends, from street art pioneers to emerging artists and supporting the market to – finally – LEAVE URBAN ART FROM ITS MICROCOSM

Editor-in-chief: Gabrielle Gauthier and Christian Charreyre

Frequency: Bimonthly

youth, rebellion
Two editions: a French edition and an international edition in English for the USA and the United Kingdom

Dynamic, accessible and rewarding.

The desire to take urban art off the streets.
The objective of opening up urban art to a wide target of amateurs and collectors.
The establishment of extended communication and distribution.
Creation of tailor-made special operations