7th year of nostalgia. RÉTRO is the nostalgic celebrity magazine. Through moving stories, he brings back to his readers the past years, revealing the private lives of the celebrities of the past (What have they become? What secrets were they hiding? …) but also of the stars of today.

With emotion and empathy, but without any voyeurism, RÉTRO plunges its readers back into the highlights that have rocked their lives.

RETRO is also a feminine one in which we find key sections for entertainment, cooking, dressing, taking care of yourself …

Editor-in-chief: Alexandra Fournier

Frequency: Quarterly

The “people” who surf on nostalgia.STRENGTHS
• A wealth of up-to-date vintage information and good ideas
• A very visual treatment of subjects.
• A captive readership
• Creation of tailor-made special operations