Arts Magazine #129 – US Edition

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April May 2020.
International digital version Fr / En -100 pages

TO CULTIVATE YOURSELF BY STAYING AT HOME: Do you know how post-impressionism is provocative?

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This is a very strange period which we are all now confronted with. A frightening period under the threat of an invisible but very real enemy whose long term effects we can not yet gauge.

And the world of art is obviously not spared : exhibitions cancelled, museums, institutions and galleries that have closed their doors… In the exceptional circumstances in which we are living, isn’t it a bit beside the point to talk about – still – art ? Absolutely not.
Contemplating a painting or a sculpture seduces us, causes us to reflect, sometimes even shocks us… and lifts us up. It is a dive into an unknown world which confronts us with our own depths and, at the same time, connects us to the rest of humanity. Like the musicians who give concerts from their balconies, artists can share their creations, simply, through our screens and in the pages of our magazines.

Of course, nothing replaces the face to face experience of an artwork, and for the contemporaries, exchanging with the artists. We are far from claiming the role of mere middleman. Yet, because for the coming days we are forced into isolation, what better occasion to finally give ourselves time for new discovery. As Pablo Picasso affirmed, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life“. And we surely need that, now more than ever.

Gabrielle Gauthier et Christian Charreyre
Editors in Chief


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