Arts Magazine International N°152

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To discover…

Beautiful Encounters
– Christophe Jehan: a small, joyful, and colorful world
– Mathieu Questel: Invitation to a Californian Dream
– Ardif: A Journey into Symbiotic Harmony
– Nasty: The art of memorial and emotional scripturality

Not-to-be-missed Events
– Lille Art Up!, a spirit of openness and conviviality. Interview of Marie-Françoise Bouttemy.
– BRAFA 2024, between quality and diversity. Interview of Beatrix Bourdon.
– Salon d’Automne, a 120th edition that cultivates a pioneering spirit. Interview of Gilles Guillaume.

Expert Opinion
A detailed analysis by Jean-François Cazeau, gallery owner and specialist about Picasso’s prints remarkable.

We talk about:
– Orsten Groom’s disturbing ‘mathesis’.
– Hélène Delprat’s abundant pictorial pantomimes.
– Motte’s stimulating paradoxes.
– Antoine Roegiers drops the masks.

Focus on
– Mucha, art for the people… Exhibition at the Hôtel de Caumont in Aix-en-Provence.

And exhibitions we love…
Lacan the Exhibition, Taking in the Sun, Félix Ziem – Seizing the Ligh, The Middle Ages – Rediscovered…

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A Matter of Humanity

From today onwards, painting is dead!“ This statement by the painter Paul Delaroche upon discovering the first daguerreotypes might elicit a smile today.
Photography certainly did not kill artistic creation; on the contrary, it gave it a new impetus, freeing artists from the need to imitate reality and opening up a world of infinite possibilities. The question arises once again with the advancements in artificial intelligence. Are software programs capable of producing works of art? Perhaps, but not without human intervention, as Pierre Fautrel, co-founder of the Obvious collective along with Hugo Caselles-Dupré and Gauthier Vernier, reminds us: “Creating with algorithms is not just a matter of pushing a button and having it generate on its own.“ Artistic creation FRÉDÉRIC BENOIT
remains, and will always remain, the prerogative of women and men, regardless of the
tools used. And we will always be here to give them a voice.
Frédéric Benoit