Arts Magazine International N°151

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To discover…

Beautiful Encounters
– Mark Tennant : A bridge between yesterday and today.
– Speedy Graphito : Captivating “Family Portraits.”
– Colorz : The good vibes of an abstract master.
– VHILS : Azulejos enter the 21st century.
– Alexis Raoult : Capturing the living in every detail.

Not-to-be-missed Events
– ST-ART 2023, a major player in the European art market. Interview with Christophe Caillaud-Joos.
– Luxembourg Art Week, a major player in the European art market. Interview with Caroline von Reden.
– ART Montpellier, the largest event in the Mediterranean region.
– FAB Paris : The salon born from the alliance between Fine Arts and the Biennale des Antiquaires.

Expert Opinion
In-depth analysis by Michel Estades, gallery owner, and specialist in the works of Bernard Buffet.

We talk about:
– France Bizot who questions the status of the image.
– Philemona Williamson and her multifaceted pictorial narratives.
– Raphaël Barontini who casts his gaze on colonial history.
– Young-Sé Lee for his abstract landscapes.

Focus sur
– Berthe Morisot and her spiritual connection with 18th-century artists… Exhibition at the Marmottan Monet Museum.

A dossier on…
– Buying artwork at auctions: A good deal?

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Returning to the Basics

The world of art is also a world of fantasies, between the headlines about recordbreaking
sales and the fear of a «bubble burst,» reflecting financial speculation that
only involves a very small portion of the players. In the face of this understandable
apprehension, it is important for everyone to find their role. Artists create. Gallery owners
and dealers discover them, support them, make them known, and, naturally, sell their
work. Collectors buy, primarily out of a «love at first sight» and not with the primary aim
of making a financial profit.

An idyllic vision ? Perhaps… or perhaps not. The vast majority of players in the art world we
encounter—and to whom we give a voice—are first and foremost sincere enthusiasts of artistic
creation. From a first purchase—often not entirely reasonable—to the collection of several
dozen works—which is no less so—acquirers are no different. As Keith Haring said, «Art is not
an elitist activity reserved for the appreciation of a small number of connoisseurs; it is for
everyone.» This conviction is also ours, and we advocate for it every month, as despite the
doubts, we have chosen to return to being a monthly publication to be as close as possible
to the rich and fascinating world of art.

Frédéric BENOIT