Global Revenue

VIVAMEDIA brands have extraordinary influence, with the power to move and disrupt culture in fundamental and important ways. To leverage that influence, VIVAMEDIA has developed an innovative suite of products that enable partners to harness its rich content and sought-after audience to drive business outcomes.


Through world-renowned brands and a full suite of products including video, social, web, events, print, all fueled by data, VIVAMEDIA delivers measurable impact for our partners.


Brand Licensing
VIVAMEDIA Global Brand Licensing leverages its world-renowned brands and unique, preeminent editorial content through media licensing and brand collaborations. Together with partners we develop innovative consumer products, platforms and experiences that connect with a loyal audience across diverse verticals such as art, design, travel and more.

Media Licensing
Media Licensing allows our media brands to increase their global footprint while adapting to local market trends and specificities. Content and press licensing provide access to more than 8 million assets including editorial, photography and illustration.

Product Licensing
Branded products provide consumers with new ways to interact with the brands they love. Together with category-expert partners we create innovative lifestyle products ranging from apparel to grooming, homeware, and more.

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