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About Us

VIVAMEDIA, is a global media company that produces some of the world’s leading print, digital, video and social brands.

Headquartered in London and Miami, VIVAMEDIA operates in 12 markets including China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Latin America, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, the U.K. and the U.S., with additional license partners throughout the world.

Our History

Founded in 2000 by the British publisher Henry Malte, after his purchase of a bimonthly decoration gazette from Paris called VIVADECO. VIVAMEDIA has since grown to become a benchmark of publishing quality, known across the globe.

With a footprint of more than 1 billion consumers in 32 markets through print, digital, video and social platforms, VIVAMEDIA continues to be an exemplar of modern publishing today.

Our Brands

We inform in new and compelling ways, creating beautiful, visually arresting moments that offer new perspectives, and new forms of self-expression.

Our Brands include Vivadéco, Arts Magazine, Carnets de Voyages, Urban Arts, Les Mystères de l’Histoire, Rétro, Enquêtes Criminelles among others.

Our Vision

Our colleagues and collaborators bring big ideas to life, through intelligent storytelling with a diverse point of view underscores all that we do. Each month our video content generates more than 1 billion views. We reach 88 million consumers in print, 427 million in digital and 423 million across social platforms.

At VIVAMEDIA, we celebrate the extraordinary. Creativity and imagination are the lifeblood of all that we do.

We are a media company for the future, with a remarkable past.